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Prosperity belongs to us and our children!

Inside this book you will find key Biblical principles to obtaining the level of wealth & prosperity God desires for us and our children!

Multi-Million Dollar Levels of Income 

is an easy to understand study tool for individuals from ages teen to adults!  It also serves as a wonderful resource for small or large Bible study groups! 

Scripture instructs us not to be conformed to the world's way, therefore we must learn God's way!  God guarantees us success, and this online course will equip you with key Biblical principles that will enable you to experience success & prosperity in your personal, professional, and spiritual life!

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Irreversible Blessings! Notebook

Would you like a pretty notebook filled with powerful Scriptures that will remind you of how blessed you are?

The Irreversible Blessings! Notebook is a lined notebook with over 70 Scriptures from the King James Bible that will remind you of the many blessings God has bestowed upon YOU!